How Am I Supposed to Respond?

Apr 20

“How Am I Supposed to Respond?”
     As people have been continuously congratulating Catrina and me, I keep thinking to myself, “How am I supposed to respond?”  The thoughts and feelings have been multitudinous: humbling, overwhelmed, thankful…and many more.  The one that stands out the most is that of feeling unworthy.  While many people have verbalized their approval, I still wonder why Christ would choose someone like me to be the next pastor of His Grace Baptist Church in Middletown, Ohio.      
      The truth that the Holy Spirit reminds me of is that I “…am but dust…” found in Genesis 18:27 where Abraham says, “…Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the Lord, which am but dust and ashes
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     In some ways, the opportunity in which I find myself is unbelievable.  The child in the candy shop walks in and sees great opportunity, yet he knows that there is a cost.  There are limitations that he [the child] has which are seemingly insurmountable.  There are obstacles ahead of him that must be overcome.  There are shelves that he cannot reach, and some candy he may not even know is available.  His ignorance is evident; but what if the child’s father was the owner of the candy store, would that change his perspective?  You better believe it!
     Humbled, and feeling like a child, my Father has brought me into His house @grace-middletown for such a time as this.  My ignorance magnifies His omniscience.  My inability magnifies His omnipotence.  What’s in store ahead, He already knows.
In the end, all one can say is To God be all of the glory.

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